Saturday, September 6, 2014

Making the Sausage

I've written previously about standing around waiting for the light to come together for my shot of St. Peter's Basilica but what I didn't show was one of things I did to keep myself entertained until the light changed.

Not much to say about this shot except for the two things I think I'd do differently next time. First, I think I'd unclip my strap from my camera bag so that I could step back a little farther - there was really no reason to stay clipped in, in retrospect. Second, I would have left the back screen on its "normal" settings - normally it's full of histograms and other data, but I changed it for the shot, thinking it would make for a better photo. Maybe it does, and maybe it doesn't - probably should have shot both ways to be sure. One of these days I'll remember to fully work a scene and not just take one shot and call it a day.

Making the Sausage

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