Saturday, September 27, 2014

Focus On: The C&O Canal

As should surprise no one who's read this blog or followed my photos, urban industry is a particular interest of mine. Unfortunately for me when I was living in Washington D.C., our nations capital never had much in the way of industry and what there was is largely gone. Fortunately, what little bit there had been had (in part) been clustered along the C&O Canal in Georgetown and while it had all been refurbished by the time I moved there in 2008, the area still maintained a little bit of an industrial feel. It was an area I shot many, many times over the next two years.

Which Way to Ohio?
One of the first photos I shot after moving to D.C.

Title to Come
Possibly the best photo I took during my time D.C. Certainly my favorite photo of mine from D.C.

Version Inversion
From my short lived infatuation with Infrared Photography.

Originally I had wanted to shoot the canal in all seasons, but after my first winter I quickly learned that the canal is kept dry during the winter months making for a boring photo. The Snowpocalypse of 2010 helped me out here.

Three Snaps Up
From some angles it has an industrial feel and from others it has an almost antebellum look.

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