Saturday, October 11, 2014

From My Position: 18th Street Bridge

The 18th street overpass in Chicago is easily one of my favorite photo locations in the City - a great view of the skyline and a great contrast between the glamor of the city (especially at night) and the grittiness of industry. To be honest, I probably shoot here too much as there really are only so many angles you can take. But it's easily accessible and the light is always different. And so, I keep going back.

One of my earlier shots from here. Can't get this much negative space any more (see below).

Chicago Plate 061
How much do I hate that security camera pole? Can't shoot wide here any more (and since it's at the height of the overpass, I'm pretty certain it's more about recording who's up there and not who might be in the yard).

Chicago Plate 052
The three-quarter shot.

Another night shot. Notice how I now have to zoom in more from my shot in this series.

Chicago Plate 082
Sunset (sort of). A time of day which I'll need to explore more here.

The Silver Streak
For the number of times I've shot here, catching trains actually operating is fairly rare.

The view to the south.

The Job
The Chicago Architecture Foundation wound up using this as part of its "Chicago, Model City" exhibit.

A tighter shot of the St. Charles Air Line bridge. Probably should have a separate entry on this thing - to me, this bridge is as much of an iconic part of the skyline as the Sears Tower.

Chicago Panorama 01
Moved across the river, but still on the bridge, this is a 12 shot (almost 180 degree) panorama. The park in the foreground used to be another railroad yard.

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