Saturday, October 18, 2014

Focus On: Cincinnati Bread Factory

It was a Sunday morning in Cincinnati and while I'd had a great time mixing in photography with exploring the city, this morning would be dedicated solely to photography - specifically railroad photography. But while driving from one shooting location to another, I just happened to come across this great urban industrial site. With no one around (Sunday mornings in industrial areas are great for photography, in my experience) I could take my time exploring the scene. One thing I liked most of all was how the building was constructed with multiple "panels", all of which offered something different and all of which were essentially pre-framed. See for yourself:

Buckeye 004

Buckeye 011

Buckeye 010

Buckeye 009

Buckeye 008

Buckeye 012

Buckeye 015

Buckeye 013

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