Saturday, May 12, 2012


Title to Come

So this wasn’t the first time I’d photographed this scene. But as soon as I made that first image, I knew that I’d be coming back here at night. Fortunately, grad school soon provided me an opportunity. Seems that my program sponsored a weekly happy hour (let’s hear it for Catholic Universities) not too far from here so it was a simple matter to bring my gear and shoot en route. The biggest trick was shooting from the bridge which spanned the canal – it was old and wood and on this warm fall evening, there were plenty of joggers and other passersby crossing over it with no regard for my tripod or my need for a perfectly still shooting platform for thirty seconds or so. Persistence paid off however and I made my way to the local public house where, upon my entry, one of my classmates mistook my tripod for a rifle. A story for a different day.

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