Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting the Shot V

So, this was one of the first photos I took after living in Africa (well, the first time). I had been eager for months to really get some good photo subjects as I really didn’t find Africa all that photogenic (at least not for HDR and certainly not where I was living). On this particular day, I had an appointment in Georgetown but had time to kill before heading to campus. Since it was my first opportunity to ever really explore the city, I figured I’d take advantage. Now, I knew that Georgetown (the neighborhood) was pretty gentrified but I also knew about the C&O canal and was sort of hoping that there might be something interesting to shoot down there.

Which Way to Ohio?

And so I did. Two comments about this photo. The first is the issue of framing. For some reason lost to the mists of time, I only brought my 50mm with me that day. Really have no idea why – I’m almost positive I had some sort of bag or ruck with me and usually have at least one zoom in addition to the fifty. If I had to guess it’s because I planned on doing a lot of shooting in the Metro stations on the way in, but that’s a guess. Anyway, the lens dictated the framing (well, that and the bridge I shot this from) and the square crop seemed to be the way to go. The second comment is that the processing…well, let’s just say that I think I’d do the HDR a little different nowadays.

Ultimately though, the best thing about this photo is that introduced me to what would be one of my favorite vantage points in DC. But I’ll save those photos for another day.

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