Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hope is the First Step on the Road to Disappointment

So. Here we are – the start of yet another photoblog on this here information superhighway. Does it really need another one? Well, need is a hard thing to quantify but I’d like to think that this one at least serves a purpose. Namely that it allows me to expound on the occasional shot or wax philosophical like on matters photographic in ways that I simply can’t do on flickr or over on the other website.

Also, as someone who has heretofore been primarily a visual storyteller, describing the stories behind these shots can only force me to build new artistic muscle as it were. Is this good? For me? Probably. For you? Well, this blog is free. If nothing else, the next time someone asks me what kind of camera they should buy, I can just send them to my blog (hint: you should buy the most expensive one, they’re always the best).

Till next time sports fans. 

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