Saturday, December 28, 2013


Okay sports fans, I guess here's where I'm supposed to put up my "Best of 2013" post, but if you've been reading along, you know why that ain't happening. So here's some new stuff for you to enjoy.

2013 marked a change in how I approach shooting: improvements in processing software mean that I don't need to rely on HDR as much in order to get the effects that I want and I also began to experiment with different compositions and crops. I don't think I've discussed this yet (and probably should at some point) but I strongly prefer a 2:3 aspect ratio for my photos (though for my first few years, I always cropped to 4:5, I've pretty much stopped doing that). However, a 2:3 doesn't always get the job done, so I began to play around with panoramas.

Here's what I came up with:

Chicago Panorama 01

Chicago Panorama 02

Chicago Panorama 03

'Till next year.

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