Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Always Carry Your Camera With You II

Of Gloom and Doom

When I was in Grad School, I always tried to carry a camera with me. Actually, what I really tried to do was to always carry my 5D with me. With spare lenses. Okay, I really wouldn’t carry all that with me all over DC – but to classes? You better believe it. Now, I know this was a matter of some humor to my classmates – ripe for parody no doubt. I mean, Georgetown is a pretty weird place anyway (18 year old undergraduates going to class in suits?) but me showing up to class with my 5D and occasionally even my tripod surely threw a lot of people off.

Well, the photo above is why I did that. Well, okay, if you’ve been reading this blog you know the REAL reason why I hate being caught without a camera. So anyway, I was walking across the Key Bridge en route to another soul sucking class when I saw these fantastic clouds looming over the campus. I didn’t have my tripod this day, but that’s not a huge problem on the Key Bridge – as I’ve done numerous times, one needs only to wedge their camera into a corner of the railing and shoot away. So it was this day.

Now I won’t say that I made a Pulitzer Prize winning image here – but this shot of GU is one my favorite shots that I took during two and a half years in DC.

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